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Appliance Repair Parts
Special CLOSEOUT Prices on Washer, Dryer, Range, & Refrigerator Parts

Washer Parts
Whirlpool, Kenmore, Kitchenaid, Roper, & Estate 3363892 Washer Pump

Dryer Parts
Whirlpool/Kenmore 279843 3000 Watt Element
10 Watt Dryer Drum Interior Light Bulb for 22002263, 3406124, 17512, Others

Range Parts
GE WB44X5099 Electric Range Bake Element
GE WB44X5082 Bake Element - Almost as Popular
Vintage 632171 4325190 Oven 'Hot Wire' Relay - Sorry, just sold out!
Refrigerator Parts
Icemaker Adapter - Connects 1/4" Line to Standard Faucet - Closed out, Sorry!

Whirlpool-built Direct Drive Washer Gear Case Test Driver
Rare #38518 Gulmite Wrench for Wringer Washer E, J, & N Power Unit Bolts
The Best Precision Oil Bottle
Another Nice Refrigerator Condenser Coil Cleaning Brush (27" Long)
Rare, Hard-to-Find Frigidaire Bellows Pliers - Large (Sorry, sold out right now)
The Handiest Pocket Test Bulb - Checks 240 and 120 Volt Circuits
Airflow Test Kit for Whirlpool-built Dryers
A Nice Little Volt-Ohm-Milliammeter (VOM) Multimeter for Just $8!

Vintage Appliance Parts
Vintage Parts Index
Frigidaire 1-18 washer bellows seal
Frigidaire 1-18 Washer Lint Filter
Frigidaire 1-18 Washer Lint Filter Mounting Rail
Frigidaire 1-18 washer Fill Valve Assy - NEW OLD STOCK!
Frigidaire Bellows Seal - Early Style, about to become 'extinct'!
5433572 inner 'Oil' Bellows - NLA, EXTREMELY hard to find!
Frigidaire 5433576 outer 'Water' bellows - tough to find
Frigidaire 5431073 (pre-1970) Pump Seal Kit
Frigidaire (GM) 632171 / 5300632171 / 00632171 Oven Relay
Fabric Softener Dispenser, Speed Queen NA, Short-post BA, Some AA Models
Maytag Wringer Washer Belt, Brand New - Subs for Maytag 014772
Wringer Washer Agitator for E J, & N Models - Brand New!
Maytag #15494 Washer Agitator Rubber Stop Ring
Maytag #A4332 Wringer Washer Index Slide - Brand New!

Frigidaire 'YT-4' Refrigerator Relay #5876896 - Rare, New Old Stock!
Frigidaire 'YT-4' Refrigerator Relay #5876838
Vintage Kingston Model 60 Timer Drive Gear - Solid Brass!

Sunbeam Mixmaster Parts
Sunbeam Mixmaster Mixer Governor # 86631, Good/Used (No Longer Available New)
Sunbeam Mixmaster Governor Capacitor - Brand New!
Vintage Sunbeam Mixmaster Carbon Motor Brushes - Brand New
Sunbeam #10-18390GU-RC Vintage Mixmaster Governor Resistor

Service and Owner's Manuals
Ampex 600 Reel to Reel Recorder Operator's Manual & Schematic
15 pages, 7.5MB
Ampex 800 Series Reel to Reel Recorder Operator's Manual
24 pages, 8.5MB
Maytag Wringer Washer Service Manual - 44 Pages
(orig. printed 1955, rev. 1979, covers models E, J, N, N2M)
Maytag Wringer ID - Free Chart Returns Wringer Model Numbers From Serial
Maytag E2 Series Wringer (square tub, hinged lid) Parts Manual - 38 Pages
(1958, rev. 1978)
Maytag J2 Series Wringers (square tub, lift-off lid) Parts Manual - 20 pages
Maytag N2 Series Wringers (round tub, lift-off lid) Parts Manual - 44 pages
(1958, rev. 1978)
Maytag E, J, and N Models Owner's Manual
(white porcelain models, both square and round tub)
Maytag Wringer Models 80 & 90 Parts Manual
13 pages, printed 1953 - nice resource!
Maytag Wringer Models A/30 Parts Manual
16 pages, scan and remaster of a really nice manual
Maytag Wringer Models 32/32L Parts Manual
16 pages, scan and remaster of another really nice manual
Speed Queen Wringer Washer Parts & Svc Manual - 37 Pages 
(Models FW2070, FW2071, FW2072, FW2073, FW3090, FW3091, FW3092, FW3093, FW6132, and FW9053)
Rare and NLA! GM Frigidaire Washer Parts Manual 1947-1972 - 15 pages
'Exploded' views of our original transmission exploded views manual
1964-1968 Frigidaire 'Tech Talk Digest' Condensed Svc Guide
Transmission details on all the pre ' 1-18' Washer Rollermatics, including the WXL variable speed, with photos and specs charts. Nice!
1970 GM Frigidaire 'Tech-Talk' Washer Service Manual - 92 Pages!
Complete Svc Manual for most 1970 'S' models. Service procedures are common to nearly all the '1-18' washers, so this is a handy manual for 1970-1979 machines.
McIntosh C-8 & C-8P (tube) preamp manual & schematics
14 pages, 12MB file
McIntosh C-11 Preamp Owner's Manual & Schematics
21 pages, 17.6MB file
McIntosh C-22 Preamp Owner's Manual & Schematics
22 pages, 12MB file
McIntosh MC60 Amplifier Operator's Manual & Schematics
Dated 1955, 7 pages, 1.3MB
Westinghouse Front-Loader Washer Service Manual 
42 pages of original service literature on vintage 3-belt 'Westy's'
Whirlpool/Kenmore 27" Dryer Service Manual
15 page B&W basic service manual for Whirlpool-made front-service dryers we call 27 inchers (27" wide cabinet)
Sunbeam Mixmaster Service Manual, Models 1 & 3
30 pages, 17MB: Service procedures, parts diagrams & orig. numbers, troubleshooting
Sunbeam Mixmaster Service Manual, Models 5, 7, and 9
20 pages, 15MB: Service procedures, repair & adjustments, troubleshooting
Sunbeam Mixmaster Service Manual, Models 10, 11, and 12
25 pages, 4MB: Service procedures, repair & adjustments, troubleshooting, parts data 
NEW! Sunbeam Mixmaster disassembly and service manual, 1970s models (with removable cord)
28 pages, 10MB: Getting your mixer motor apart, common service problems
Sunbeam Mixmaster Service Manual, Model J 'Junior'
1- pages, 7MB, Service procedures, repair and adjustments, troubleshooting
Sunbeam Mixmaster Owner's Manual, Model 7B
Sunbeam Mixmaster Owner's Manual, Model 9
Sunbeam Mixmaster Owner's Manual, Model 10
Sunbeam Mixmaster Manuals Package - SALE!
Sunbeam T-20 Toaster Service Manual (1953)
Sunbeam T-9 Toaster Service Manual (1949)
Sunbeam T-1, T-7 Toaster Service Manual (revised 1949)

Sunbeam Model R "ShaveMaster" Electric Shaver
Sunbeam A-1 Hedge Trimmer Service Manual

'How-To' Appliance Repair Articles, Helps
Index: Do-It-Yourself Appliance Sheets & Articles
EBook: Dave's Top 10 Career Secrets, Tricks, and Timesavers
Dave's Dictionary of Appliance Repair Parts & Terms


Clothes Washer Overflow Problems
Washer Drive Systems - Belts, Couplers
How to Remove and Reinstall Whirlpool Direct - Drive Washer Cabinets
How to Replace Whirlpool Washer Couplers
Why I'm not selling the #285753A Whirlpool washer drive coupler yet
How to Replace Whirlpool Washer Couplers - Printer Friendly Version
How to Replace Whirlpool DD Washer Pumps
How to replace Whirlpool Washer Pumps - Printer Friendly Version
How to repair the "no advance" Kingston Model 60 Timer
A Quick Fix for Whirlpool & Kenmore Washer Brake Lockup Problems
Washers and Fill Screens
How to Correct Whirlpool-made Washer Spin Vibration
Why I Still Can't Recommend Front Load Washers

Wringer Washers
How to Identify Your Maytag Wringer Washer
When Was Your Maytag Wringer Washer Manufactured?
How to bypass Maytag wringer washer rubber bulb foot pedals

How to Replace the Maytag Wringer Index Slide #A4332

Diagnosing the 'No-Heat' Dryer
Gas Dryer Burner and Ignition System Details
How to Replace Your Electric Dryer's Heating Element
How to Repair, Clean and Lube that Noisy Whirlpool or Kenmore Dryer
Testing for 240 volts to your Electric Dryer  - Without a Voltmeter
Quiet that awful squeal in your Whirlpool-built dryer
Thermal fuses - What they are and how to test and replace them
How to replace the Whirlpool/Kenmore #279816 thermal kit
Your dryer lint filterís Public Enemy #2: fabric softener sheets
How to Replace Your Whirlpool-built 29 inch (wide) Dryerís Belt

Solving Your Refrigerator's Drain Problems - for Good!
How to Add Years of Life to Your Refrigerator's Door Seals
Laying Refrigerators Down When Moving
How to Clean Your Refrigerator's Condenser Coil
Icemaker Tips: a Baby Bottle's the Handiest Tool... 
Freezer Door Pops Open When the Fresh Food Door's Closed..
The Fastest Refrigerator Defrost Method Yet!
Testing Compressor Windings - Not as Hard as You Might Think
How to make your own refrigerator compressor test cord
Every Refrigeratorís Built-in System Diagnostics Tool

How to Clean Rust Stains Inside Your Dishwasher

Diagnosing the 'No Heat' Electric Oven
Gas Oven 'Glowbar' Igniters - How They Work, How to Replace Them
Converting Your Gas Range from Natural to LP
How to Adjust Your Oven Temperature

Microwave Ovens

How to Easily Test Your Microwave Oven's Output Wattage

Room Air Conditioners
Room Air Conditioner Sizing Chart

Dehumidifier Sizing Chart

Sunbeam Mixmaster Mixers
How to Calibrate Your Vintage Sunbeam Mixmaster's Speed
A Mixmaster (model 10, 11, or 12) running "high-only", no speed control
Where to Find Your Sunbeam Mixmaster's Model Number
Oiling and Maintenance of Your Vintage Mixmaster
What Year was My Mixmaster Manufactured?
Differences in Vintage Sunbeam Mixmaster Beaters
How to properly install vintage Mixmaster beaters


Uses for the Handiest Tool Ever - The Mighty WetVac!
Ohm's Law Calculator
Use Your Digital Camera to Test Remote Controls!

Miscellaneous & Fun Stuff
A Few of My Favorite Websites
Make Your Own Window Cleaner - It's Cheaper and Better!
Homemade Bird "Suet" Cakes - Birds Love These!
How to Keep Ants Out of Your Hummingbird Feeders

The Many Uses for Good Old WD-40
Dave's Dictionary of Appliance Terms

Modern American Sayings (110 so far!) Originating from the King James Bible (pdf)
Knowledge of the Holy, by A. W. Tozer (pdf) - a must-read for CHRISTians! (pdf)
The Case for a 2022 Rapture of the Church (pdf)

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