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Maytag Wringer Washer J and J2 Series Parts Manual
(Square tub, lift-off  lid)


MYT J2 Series Wringer Washer Pic



Here's a beautiful 20 page Maytag parts manual for those great old J and J2 (Post-WWII) series wringer washers.


('2' in the model number means it's post WWII, 'L' tells us it's electric, 'P' models have a drain pump instead of gravity-drain, and the 'S' is for the safety 'foot pedal', a little rubber squeeze bulb that you stood on to make the wringer rollers rotate.  'M' in the model number indicates a gasoline-powered washer.)


This manual, painstakingly remastered from our yellowed original paper copy, has the complete parts breakdown with original part numbers and excellent quality photos of all parts for these machines. A really nice vintage manual.


This is a direct, hi-res scan of our original, not a 3rd or 4th generation copy. In Adobe .pdf format, so you can simply download it immediately - with no shipping charges! 

A big advantage of .pdf is the ability to zoom in on the images and examine details. Or print a hardcopy if you wish.  A very flexible and handy resource for all you classic appliance enthusiasts who are familiar with the quality that was built into these old machines!

I've included a page image here so you can get an idea of the detail. Oh, how I wish they were still producing manuals like this today!

File size of this manual is approx 16MB and doesn't take long to download to your computer. 

Here's a sample page to give you an idea of this manual's quality:
(Internet browsers just can't do a sample page justice - must be seen 'live' to be appreciated!) 

Sample page, Maytag J parts manual

("DavesRepair.com" doesn't appear in the actual manual pages)

To buy this manual via Paypal ($17.50 US):

(You don't need a Paypal account to pay with your credit card)

If you'd rather order by another method, live outside the US, or have any questions, please feel free to contact me



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