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Vintage Appliance Parts, Etc

Here's where I'll be posting those great old hard to find parts as I find 
them and get time to list them.

Some of the current inventory (all 'new old stock' unless noted)
(For those printed in black - please contact me):

Frigidaire (GM) washer parts:
638860 bellows seal, newer style for the 1-18's - Sold out, Sorry!
5433572 inner 'Oil' Bellows - VERY hard to find! - Currently Sold Out! - Sorry!
5433576 outer 'Water' bellows - tough to find -  They're gone! Sorry!
Rare, Hard-to-Find Frigidaire Bellows Pliers - Large - Sold Out!
633790 lint filter for the 1-18's  - Sorry, sold out
638878 lint filter mounting rail, 1-18's, also getting very hard to find

    - Only two left! (Don't replace the lint filter without replacing this rail too!)
5431073 pre-1970 pump seal  -
Very Rare - Contact me, I'm very low on these

Vintage Kingston Model 60 Timer Drive Gear - Solid Brass!

Frigidaire (GM) Dryer Parts:
634645  4-wire Control t'stat, NLA Frigidaire 1-18's - new

Maytag Wringer Washer Parts & Tools:
Rare #38518 Gulmite Wrench for Wringer Washer E, J, & N Power Unit Bolts
Belt - Generic Sub for Orig #014772, E, J, N Models
#A4525 Agitator for E, J, and N Models

#A4332 Wringer Washer Index Slide
#15494 Washer Agitator Rubber Stop Ring
(Holds Agitator On)

Speed Queen Washer Parts:
Fabric Softener Dispenser, NA, Short-post BA, Some AA Models

Range Parts:
Frigidaire #632171 Oven 'Hot Wire' Relay Good/reconditioned - just this ONE left!

Frigidaire (GM) Refrigerator Parts:
Frigidaire 'YT-4' Refrigerator Relay #5876838
Frigidaire 'YT-4' Refrigerator Relay #5876897
Frigidaire 'YT-4' Refrigerator Relay #614972
Frigidaire 'YT-4' Refrigerator Relay #614974
Frigidaire Top-freezer Refrigerator Thermostat #1135335
Frigidaire Top-freezer Refrigerator Light Switch #628481

For those parts printed in black - please contact me; supplies are extremely limited

Sunbeam Mixmaster Parts:
Mixmaster Governor Capacitor - Brand New!
Mixmaster Governor Resistor - Good/Used/Load-tested

Vintage 1970's Mixmaster Governor Assembly # 86631
Vintage Mixmaster Carbon Motor Brushes - Brand New!



"Nothing astonishes men so much as common sense and plain dealing" - Ralph Waldo Emerson

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