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Vintage Appliance Parts, Etc

Here's where I'll be posting those great old hard to find parts as I find 
them and get time to list them.

Some of the current inventory (all 'new old stock' unless noted)
(For those printed in black - please contact me):

Frigidaire (GM) washer parts:
638860 bellows seal, newer style for the 1-18's - Just sold out, August 2013 - Sorry!
5433572 inner 'Oil' Bellows - VERY hard to find! - Currently Sold Out! - Sorry!
5433576 outer 'Water' bellows - tough to find -  Only a Few Left!
Rare, Hard-to-Find Frigidaire Bellows Pliers - Large - Sold Out!
633790 lint filter for the 1-18's  - Sorry, currently sold out
638878 lint filter mounting rail, 1-18's, also getting very hard to find

    - Only one left! (Don't replace the lint filter without replacing this rail too!)
634726 1-18 lower drive shaft bearing - NLA - Last One!
1134431 (old 636193) 1-18 pressure switch, NLA - Last One!
5431073 pre-1970 pump seal  -
Very Rare - Contact me, I'm very low on these
Frigidaire 1-18 washer Fill Valve Assy - NEW OLD STOCK  - extremely limited stock
Vintage Kingston Model 60 Timer Drive Gear - Solid Brass!

Frigidaire (GM) Dryer Parts:
634645  4-wire Control t'stat, NLA Frigidaire 1-18's - new

Maytag Wringer Washer Parts & Tools:
Rare #38518 Gulmite Wrench for Wringer Washer E, J, & N Power Unit Bolts
Belt - Generic Sub for Orig #014772, E, J, N Models
#A4525 Agitator for E, J, and N Models
- Brand New! Just (10-1-13) sold my last one - sorry!
#A4332 Wringer Washer Index Slide, Good/Used
#15494 Washer Agitator Rubber Stop Ring
(Holds Agitator On)

Speed Queen Washer Parts:
Fabric Softener Dispenser, NA, Short-post BA, Some AA Models

Range Parts:
Frigidaire #632171 Oven 'Hot Wire' Relay Good/reconditioned - Just sold out, Sorry!

Frigidaire (GM) Refrigerator Parts:
Frigidaire 'YT-4' Refrigerator Relay #5876838
Frigidaire 'YT-4' Refrigerator Relay #5876897
Frigidaire 'YT-4' Refrigerator Relay #614972
Frigidaire 'YT-4' Refrigerator Relay #614974
Frigidaire Top-freezer Refrigerator Thermostat #1135335
Frigidaire Top-freezer Refrigerator Light Switch #628481

For those parts printed in black - please contact me; supplies are extremely limited

Sunbeam Mixmaster Parts:
Mixmaster Governor Capacitor - Brand New!
Mixmaster Governor Resistor - Good/Used/Load-tested

Vintage 1970's Mixmaster Governor Assembly # 86631
Vintage Mixmaster Carbon Motor Brushes - Brand New!

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Flower Arrangements - Celtic Coin History
Avas Flowers - Online Flower Sites
Flower Displays - Images of Flower Bouquets

Don't see your part here? I'll bet we have it in stock!
HERE to go to the parts page
We have one of the largest parts inventories in the WORLD!


"Nothing astonishes men so much as common sense and plain dealing" - Ralph Waldo Emerson

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