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Common Appliance Parts at Wholesale Prices!

 Ammo for sale - in stock!

Here's a great place to buy garage door parts, with terrific instructional videos to show you how to fix garage door problems yourself:
Garage Door Nation

Survival Seeds Non Hybrid Vegetable Seed Bank - Grow Your Own Crisis Garden Today!

Still enjoying what freedoms we have left in America? There's never been a more important time for you to join the NRA!

Community Alliance Church (part of the Christian and Missionary Alliance): the nicest bunch of folks in the world (but not of it!)

Just in case you're dealing with this nastiness called Lyme disease, here are a few resources that have helped me in the fight: 
www.LymeDoctor.com - Get Dr Singleton's book, 'The Lyme Disease Solution'
www.ILADS.org - Another excellent site
www.LymePA.org - From SE Pennsylvania; download your free "The Basics" booklet here

The "Guy Rules" (Women, please read this)

Here's a terrific place to shop for 4X4 parts and accessories. You just can't beat their customer service!
Tom's 4x4 Superstore

Publish email newsletters, autoresponders, followup email, etc: Over 99% delivery rates, easy to use, great customer service. I've used these guys for years, and LOVE 'em! AWeber

The best free advertising I've ever done - and continue to do - uses Ebay! Use this method to promote your business and all your Ebay fees become deductible as advertising costs! This little ebook's a Must-Read Gem if you're at all serious about making money online:
"The Silent Sales Machine Hiding on Ebay", by Jim Cockrum

Another handy site for garage door parts and DIY help: 
DDM Garage Doors

The best webhost I've ever found! Have used them for years without a glitch:

A Handy Resource, with diagrams & part numbers for most appliance brands: 
Sears Parts Lookup

Good guys, good Southern Gospel music:

Looking for someone's phone number or address? Or know only their phone number, and need to do a 'reverse search'? I use these handy resources: 

All Area Codes
Fast People Search

Upholding the authority of the Bible from the very first verse: Here's a tremendous resource if you have questions about creation/evolution:
Answers in Genesis

Chuck Missler's terrific website for those of us who take the Bible seriously:  
Koinonia House Online

Postmaster Express - Outstanding auto-responder and automation software:
Postmaster Express

One of the best Bible study packages anywhere - Many Bible versions, tons of commentaries and related resources, and it's all FREE! NEW Portable version too!  

Your source for Whirlpool, Kitchen Aid & Roper Appliances for 7 - 18% below the competition. Shipping & Services for Net Zero Cost & a FREE gift with every purchase:

Here's an informative website on the best electric toasters ever built (the vintage Sunbeam automatic T-20 thru T-35 series), called
Automatic Beyond Belief

Maytag & Kenmore Refrigerator Repairs in New Jersey:
Anytime Service offers expert fridge and freezer repairs in NJ, specializing in Kenmore and Maytag refrigerator repair

I've discussed the mass murder of children before, on my blog but sadly, it's worse than you think:

One of my favorite blogs:
The Ignorant Fishermen

Composting and Recycling During Home Repairs or Remodeling

"Conservative" follower of Christ? Click the picture below for an article we all need to read!


"Nothing astonishes men so much as common sense and plain dealing" - Ralph Waldo Emerson

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