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          DRSNews back issues:
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5-02   Whirlpool Recalls: Microwave and Dehumidifier
Birds in Dryer Vents
Dehumidifier Tune-up
Cleaning Refrigerator Condensers
6/7-02   Refrigerator Door Seal Lubrication
Room Air Conditioner Sizing
Old Freezers & Child Entrapment - still an issue
Calling Card Shortcuts
7/8-02   Whirlpool Thin-Twin Stack Laundry Safety Recall
Icemaker Water Lines - Plastic or Copper?
Refrigerators: Temperature Testing Methods
Beware Emails Asking You to Delete Files!
8/9-02   14 (and counting!) Uses for the Mighty Wet-vac!
Your Best Lightning Protection (Still: Unplug!)
Before You Scrap That Microwave, Grab the Magnets
Cool Software Dept - AI Roboform Form Filler 
10-02   Easy Range Hood Filter Cleaning (Honest!)
Microwave Cooking and Health - 'Radical' Ideas?
A Terrific Mentor - Jack Zufelt!
Make Your Own Glass Cleaner - Better & Cheaper!
11-02   How to Test Your Microwave Oven's Wattage
The 'No Heat' Dryer
The 'Busyness Demon' - A Short Story
12-02   Range Burner Tune-up, Electric and Gas
Baby Bottles and Icemakers (huh?)
$20 Christmas Gift for our Subscribers!
1-03   Clothes Dryers in Cold Laundry Rooms
Have a Power Sander? Save Those Old Sneakers!
A 'Net-Ready' Refrigerator from LG Appliances (Why?)
$20 Gift Extended
2-03   'Low-tech' Washer Tank Leak Patches
Advertise Using All That Ebay Traffic - (Really Cool!)
Testing Dehumidifiers in Low Humidity (a bit technical)
Wet-vacs and Household Drain Clogs - Eureka!
3-03   The 'No-Heat' Electric Oven
Every Refrigerator's Built-in Diagnostic Tool
Thoughts While Shoveling Snow (Antarctic Ice Cores)
4-03   Beware Screened Dryer Vent Hoods!
Loose Circuit Breaker Conn.'s - Prevent. Maintenance
Miscellaneous Dept: More Really Cool Resources  
5-03   ‘Clutch your belt!’ – Top Load Washer Drive Systems
Your Personal Invitation to a Valuable Web Seminar
Handiest Tools Dept: the Snap-around Ammeter  
6-03 Rolling Your Own: Cutting Room AC Filters
Dishwashers and Message Whiteboards (…huh?)
New! Common Appliance Parts on Sale on Ebay!
A Quick Word About Electric Dryer Motors
7-03   Use Your Digital Camera to Test Remote Controls
Perils & Pitfalls of Prewashing Plates in Palmolive!
Kelvinator Brand Name to be Retired
8-03   ‘The Power of Eights’ – Brightening Dull Dig. Displays
Fast and Simple Window A/C System Diagnosis
Your Refrigerator And ‘HHH’ Weather – Quick Tips
9-03   Drying Sneakers With Your Refrigerator (huh?)
Urgent: Your New Refrigerator’s Door Seals
GE Profile Washers and Rubber Throw-Rug Backing  
10-03   Motivating’ Lazy Retractable Cords
Winterize Your Washer for Cold Storage – Fast!
A Dryer Lint Filter’s Enemy #2: Fabric Softener Sheets
11-03   ‘Who Turned Off the Lights?’ – Freezers & Electronics
Why Your Electric Dryer Runs When There’s No 240V
Cleaning Long Dryer Vents – Fast and Easy!
12-03   When Your Dryer Wheezes ‘I can’t Breathe!’
A $20 Christmas Gift For You!
Gas Oven Ignition - a ‘Crash Course’  
1-04   Dirty Dishes? Check This First
Check This Second
A Simple Little Tool for Installing Valve Screens
2-04   Diagnosing Washer Overflow Problems
A Company That Will Change Your Paradigm!
A Few of the Handiest Tools I’ve Ever Met  
3-04   DRSNews Back Issues are (Finally) Posted!
The No-Heat Gas Dryer
How to Convert a Gas Dryer to LP  
4-04  Beware Using Refrigerators in Unheated Rooms
Rare and Unusual Parts & Manuals on the Website
Easily Removing Dishwasher Rust Stains
5-04   How to Convert Your Gas Range to LP
A Great Way for Non-Profits to Raise Funds
Replacing Your Electric Range's Bake Element
6-04   Summertime - Can Your Refrigerator Breathe?
Send me a Testimonial - I'm Offering Bribes!
Reminder: Saving Your Refrigerator Door Seals

Filter Your Computer's Air with AC Foam
A 'Squeak' in the Night - Refrigerator Hinges
Get Help with Your Computer - in Plain English!


When Your Frost-free Refrigerator Isn't
A Neat Upholstery Cleaning Tip to Try
How to Grow Good Corn (Not too far off-topic!)


Why There's a Pair of Nylons in My Toolbox
Are Your Sockets Thrown in a Box? Chain 'em!
Solving Your Refrigerator's Drain Problems


How to Calibrate Your Oven's Temperature
A Couple of Great Ebay Tools


Electronic Control Range Error 'F' Codes
Your Christmas Present! (open before 12-25!)


Top 6 Ways to Start a Dryer Fire
A Neat Latex Paint Disposal Method 
Attn Marketers: Help for You to Succeed Online


Washer Installation Tips
2 x 6 Wood Blocks and Dryer Vents


Whirlpool Dishwasher Recall #1: Motor Problem
Let Ebay Find it and Email You!
Whirlpool Dishwasher Recall #2: Bad Elements

4-05   Why I Don't Recommend Front Load Washers
How's Your Financial Health?
'Tall Tub' Dishwashers - Worth the Extra $?
5/6-05   Easy Cure for Whirlpool Washer Brake Lockup
Next Month: Tool to Test Your Dryer's Airflow
7-05  Fast and Easy Washer Fill Valve Screen Cleaning
A Simple Tool to Test WPL/KM Dryer Airflow

Cool Tool Dept: Upholstery Foam for OTR Microwaves 
Time to Lube Your Refrigerator Door Seals Again!

9/10-05  A Ground Fault Interrupt (GFI) Can Save Your Dishwasher - An Old Codger Has a Change of Heart (Sort of)
Yet Another Use (#16?) For that Trusty Old Shop-Vac - 'Evacuating' Nuisance Bees!
11-05 GFI Receptacles and Gas Ranges - Incompatible!
Clear Dishwasher 'Over-suds' With Your Cheese Grater


Note: You'll find many of the tips that have appeared in the DRSNews on the How-to articles index page 

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