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The DRSNews
October 2007

Published by subscription only, by Dave's Repair Service
(c)2007 All Rights Reserved

If you enjoy this issue, you're welcome to forward it
to any friends or associates who might find it useful.

Or just point them toward this website to subscribe.
(There's an unsubscribe link in every issue if it's not
your cuppa tea) Thanks!


'Hello' to all my new subscribers! What a great bunch of friends
I make every day with this project! Great to have you aboard!

In this (abridged Fall) issue:

1) Just in: Whirlpool-built Oven Bake & Broil Element Problems
2) Subscribers-only 'Two or More Ship Free' parts sale extended!

1) This issue, as with most Fall issues the last few years, will have to
be 'short and sweet' (OK, well, short, anyway!)

But I wanted to make you aware of a problem we've just been notified
about, with oven bake and broil elements in the models listed below.

This bulletin just came from Whirlpool, and I have a feeling we're going
to see a lot of these, because the problem affects models across all 10

Electric Freestanding Range models affected:
(bulletin just issued, September 2007)

All Whirlpool, Roper, Estate, Ingles and KitchenAid electric freestanding
ranges with serial numbers starting with RT09 through RT31.

All the following Amana, Maytag, Crosley, Admiral and Magic Chef electric
ranges with serial numbers ending in JE, JG, JJ, JL and JN:

AER4311AA, AER5511AC, AER5511BA, AER5515RC, AER5710BA,
AER5712AA, AER5712AC, AER5712BA, AER5715RC, AER5722BA,
AER5722CA, AER5725QA, AER5815RC, AER5845RA, AES1350BA,
AES3760BA, AES3760BC, CE3500AA, CE3520AA, CE3540AA,
CE3540AC, CE3860AA, CE3860AC, CE3880AA, CE3880AC, CE3880BA,
CEL1000AA, CEL1115AACER1115AA, CER1125AA, CER1125AC,
CER3525AA, CER3525AC, CER3725AA, CER3725AC, CER3725AG,
CER3735AC, CER4351AG, CES3759BC, JDR8895AA, JDR8895AC,
JDS 9860BD, JDS9865BD, JER8785RA, JER8885RA, JER8885RC,
JES9800BA, JES9860BA, JES9860BC, JES9900BA, JES9900BC,
JES9750BA, LER3330AA, MEP5775BA, MER4110AA, MER4120AA,
MER4351AA, MER5520AA, MER5551BA, MER5552BA,MER5555QA,
MER5555RC, MER5751AC, MER5751BA, MER5752AC, MER5752BA,
MER5755RA, MER5765RA, MER5765RC, MER5775RA, MER5775RC,
MER5875RA, MER5875RC, MER6555AC, MER6741BA, MER6751AA,
MER6752BA, MER6753BA, MER6755AA, MER6755AC, MER6765BA,
MER6775BA, MER6775BC, MER6875BA, MER6875BC, MES5552BA,
MES5752BA, PER1125AC, PER3525AC, PER3725AC, PER4311AC,
PER5720LA, PER6451AC, PES3759BC, 60002, 60003, 60008, 60009,

Note as of this writing, only those models with the serial number ranges above
are affected, so you'll want to check both your model and serial numbers.

Oven does not operate, or it doesn't reach selected temperature.

Bake and/or broil elements may breach the sheath (“unzip”) and cease to operate
during normal use. You'll usually see a rough spot on the element, and the bake
element commonly fails first. Both bake and broil elements should be replaced at
the same time if either fails.

Refer your local Whirlpool warranty servicer to Special Authorization #S17302.

2) You've put up with my rambling for so long (some of you for the entire 5+
years! Sheesh! What endurance!), I'm always trying to think of ways to try
to say 'thank you' for your incredible support. So I'll start by extending the
'2 or more ship free' special again this month.

A whole bunch of you have taken advantage of me with this sale, ;-) so again
during October, shipping and handling are no charge on any two or more online
products, to any US address. But only for DRSNews subscribers, and only
during this month. And this has to be limited to US subscribers for now.

So here's the deal: Buy any two or more items from the website this month,
'mix and match', and I'll ship them free, Priority Mail (it's fast!).

Looks like this might become a permanent 'perk' for subscribers, or at least
for future paid 'insider' members.

One of the incredible rewards I get from writing this newsletter is all the
encouragement you all have been to me over the years. I want you to know
I appreciate you, and this is just one small token 'thank you' that I'm happy
to throw your way.

Please feel free to send me any other ideas you might have for subscriber
'perks' I can add for you, and I'll do my best to make it happen.

Check out my new Appliance Terms Glossary Project - a work in progress.
Here's what I have so far: glossary (there's a link to this over on the left side
of every page here, too.)

As always, if you have any topics you'd like to see discussed here or covered
in an online article, please let me know and I'll do my best to include them in a
future issue. And don't forget those testimonials! Many thanks to those of you
who've already sent yours in!


Thanks again for allowing me into your inbox! I don't take the privilege lightly.

God bless you and yours,

Dave Harnish
Dave's Repair Service
New Albany, PA

''Well done is better than well said'' - Benjamin Franklin
Col 3:23, 24

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This information may be reprinted and distributed freely, but
only in its entirety, including this message.




"Nothing astonishes men so much as common sense and plain dealing" - Ralph Waldo Emerson

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