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Composting and Recycling During Home Repairs or Remodeling

Waste is a natural consequence of making repairs or remodeling one's home. Items that one may potentially feel the need to dispose of may range from plastics to construction materials that can fill up landfills that are already overflowing. Additionally, some of the items produced during these home improvement projects may be toxic to the environment and human health. When remodeling or repairing one's home, there are environmentally friendly ways to handle waste or unwanted items, such as composting or recycling. In some cases, the remains of one's remodeling project can be repurposed for other uses around the home, or they may be reused by someone else for their home improvement project. How waste is used or managed depends on the specific project and the materials or items that one is considering getting rid of.

Before disposing of a specific item, a homeowner should consider what it is made of, as that can help dictate if and how it may be recycled. Organic materials, for example, such as sawdust and certain types of paper may be composted. The untreated wood that is used in construction for home repairs may be made into wood chips and can also be used for composting purposes. Composting is a natural and environmentally healthy process that breaks down organic materials from the yard and from food waste to create a rich humus or compost that can be useful for enriching the soil of new or existing gardens. Composting may be done in a large garbage can, a pile, or a bin in one's yard and is a practice that is beneficial beyond the completion of the home improvement project.

Recycling is one of the best ways to manage home waste. One should check with their state to see if there are any recycling programs or locations where debris that comes from construction around one's home can be disposed of. Hazardous waste such as caustic materials can often be disposed of at local hazardous waste sites, but one should also call private companies in advance to make certain that specific materials are accepted. Items such as bricks or wood can be used for other projects around the home or the yard. Check plastics to see which items may be turned in at local recycling programs.

When remodeling homes, there may be items that are in good condition but are no longer needed or wanted. Outdated or unwanted cabinetry, mirrors, countertops, doors, and fixtures that are in good condition are just a few of the items that shouldn't be thrown away, as they are easy to recycle or reuse. One can donate these items to building supply programs that accept, refurbish, and sell items as used and recycled goods to consumers or organizations that will use them in building projects for those in need. A homeowner may repurpose their items themselves by looking for craft or DIY projects that allow them to use these items in creative ways or turn them into something that is useful in other areas of the home. Not only should homeowners recycle their waste and unwanted materials, but they can be equally eco-friendly by purchasing and using recycled items for their home improvement or repair project.

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"Nothing astonishes men so much as common sense and plain dealing" - Ralph Waldo Emerson

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