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In this issue:

1) On a personal note: 'Think maybe it's time to retire...
2) A common dryer control thermostat that causes trouble

1) I’ve been a professional appliance service technician for 37 years as of
December 1st, and two weeks ago I walked away from my first refrigerator
ever, giving up in disgust.

I was going for 40 years as a tech, but think it’s time to retire and just concentrate
on the website full-time. It’s nearly full-time anyway, and I’m having a *blast*
helping you guys with your appliance problems. Not to mention how much fun it is
staying home up here on the mountain with Gracie every day and not burning $3
gasoline. (Scroll to the end of this issue to see her photo and you'll understand <grin>).

Anyway, a well-known ‘offshore’ brand, this beast refrigerator ’takes the cake'
for most ‘whistles and bells’. With a huge ‘motherboard’, nearly full-width
keypad, all kinds of audio output, 7 thermistors sensing temperatures everywhere,
3 tiny low-torque 12 volt DC, variable-speed fan motors, and mostly metric
hardware! And no service manual or data sheet available anywhere that I can find.

I’ve done electrical work all of my life, trained in and serviced electronics over
the years, but this is really getting ridiculous. All this to refrigerate food?

I’ve said it before, but if you’re buying, or have recently purchased, a new
refrigerator, budget for another one in about 5 years. I say that not to be cynical
or negative, it’s just a plain, but sad, fact. They’re not lasting much longer than
that. With their tiny lowest-bidder sourced compressors, they use very little
energy, but are filling up landfills fast!

Yep, think I’ll retire from in-home service ASAP. ‘Need more time to hunt and
ridge-run, anyway. ;-)

2) I've been telling folks about this problem for many years, but it just dawned on me that I've never told YOU, my loyal (and longsuffering) DRSNews reader!

Many Whirlpool-built dryers use a particular 4-wire control thermostat, part #3387134, that's  infamous for cycling high, and blowing the dryer's thermal fuse in the process.

I've been in the habit, for some 10 years now, of always replacing one  whenever I find a blown thermal fuse - usually part #3392519 - sitting next to a #3387134.

This habit has saved me the callbacks that I used to experience with this problem, so I'm passing it on to you guys. Sorry I didn't think of letting you know about it before.

So, if you have a dryer that has blown its thermal fuse (the motor won't run at all when this one blows in electric models; causes 'no heat' in gas models), and you find a #3387134 alongside, I recommend replacing both.

The good news is threefold: 1) new ones don't appear to have this problem. I've never been called back to replace one a second time when I handled it this way, and 2) this tstat's not expensive, usually well under $20. As usual, Ebay's the best place to fid one these days.

You'll find the current Ebay search results for one HERE 

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