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The DRSNews
October 2010

Published by subscription only, by Dave’s Repair Service
©2010 All Rights Reserved

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to any friends or associates who might find it useful.
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A Special 'Hello' to new subscribers! What a great bunch of friends
I ‘meet’ every day with this project! Great to have you on board!

In this issue:

1) Replacing an Icemaker Module - A Quick and Easy Job
2) Lyme Disease Resources

The Best Web Host is also the Biggest!
I Love These Guys!


My apologies for the lack of a September issue. 'Was another month that totally got
away from me! And between the ongoing Lyme/antibiotic nastiness and attempting
to get the woodpile in, I'll have to keep this issue short. I'm planning on singing
a song entitled 'If You Could See Me Now' at a friend's memorial service on 10/9,
and one of its lines is 'there's no schedule to keep' - I keep wanting to shout
Hallelujah!!' whenever I get to that line. One of the things I'm looking forward to
in Heaven is the lack of deadlines and rushed pace of this life. But I digress.

1) Seems I've been getting a lot of questions on modular icemaker service recently,
so I thought I'd quickly cover replacing the very popular, standard Whirlpool-design
modular icemaker's module, the 'heart' of the unit. Part #628366G (Ebay search
results) it looks like this:

WPL Modular Icemaker Module - Front View











Note: Most Whirlpool-built 'In Door Ice' SxS models use a different design module
and have their own, unique issues, so I'd probably recommend having a pro diagnose
problems you may be having with with one of those. If it does turn out to be a bad
module, though, once the icemaker's pulled out, the replacement procedure's pretty
much identical to the standard units.

The drive motor and 'brains' - commutator/drive gear, ice level contacts, etc -
are all built into the module in these little machines, and replacing it will usually
solve the problems your icemaker's having. Takes care of the common contact
arcing and drive motor problems these have from time to time.

The great news is, module prices have come down dramatically over the last
decade or so. Not that long ago it was better to just replace an entire icemaker
than a module, but with prices down to about half what they used to be, those
days are gone.

Getting your hiccupping icemaker back into shape's a nearly painless job. In
most refrigerators with the unit mounted to the left freezer wall, you don't even
have to pull the icemaker out. Its module will come right off with it hanging  in
place. To be honest, I rarely even unplug a refrig to do this, but I shouldn't
mention that, should I? ;-) I do recommend unplugging the refrigerator to do
this job.  

When you run into jamming or stalling problems with your standard modular,
power down the refrig and pry off the icemaker's white front cover with a putty
knife. Pull the stainless steel ice level bail out of the back of the module (it's just
a friction fit), then remove the 3 screws holding the module to the frame, and
pull it straight off the front.

Turn the cube stripper shaft to line up with the 'D' in the module drive hub, then
push the new module straight on. Reinstall the 3 screws, and push the wire bail
back into the back side of the new module. Put the cover back on, and fire things
back up. That's it!

You should see ice cubes in 3-4 hours if everything else is OK. Oh, and be sure
to pat yourself on the back - you just saved a whole bundle of $!

2) Just in case you missed the Lyme resources last issue, here are some good ones
that continue to help me a lot:

www.LymeDoctor.com - Dr Singleton's book, 'The Lyme Disease Solution'
www.ILADS.org - Another excellent resource site
www.LymePA.org - From SE PA: download your free 'The Basics' pdf booklet here


That's going to have to do it for this issue. As always, if you have any topics you’d
like to see covered in an online article, let me know and I’ll do my best to oblige.
And don't forget those testimonials! Many thanks to those of you who've already
sent yours in! Much appreciated!

May God richly bless you and yours,

Dave Harnish
Dave’s Repair Service
New Albany, PA

"A nation of sheep will beget a government of wolves" - Edward R. Murrow

Amos 4:13

Copyright www.DavesRepair.com , All Rights Reserved
This information may be reprinted and distributed freely, but
only in its entirety, including this message.



"Nothing astonishes men so much as common sense and plain dealing" - Ralph Waldo Emerson

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