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The DRSNews

August 2005  

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In this issue:

1) Cool Tool Dept: Upholstery Foam for Over-Range Microwaves 
2) Time to Lube Your Refrigerator Door Seals Again!

1)  Here's the easiest way I've ever found to remove or lower OTR (over-the-range) microwave ovens for service. 

After struggling with other methods, including 'grunt and try to lift it yourself' (then take pain relievers for your back for 2 weeks), and hiring a helper (when one can be found  I've found this solution, and it's been simply elegant! 

To be honest, it wasn't my idea (have you ever had a truly original idea? I've built so much on what others who've preceded me have done, I really have to wonder. But enough philosophy. That's about as deep as I get; back to microwaves...) 

Someone at Whirlpool came up with this back when we were busily pulling their units for their 'big recall' a few years ago. I've been using it ever since, and been really pleased with the results. On the Whirlpool-built units, you can remove the entire cabinet, using a stubby screwdriver, without unhooking the unit from the wall!

Visit your friendly neighborhood upholstery company, and buy several pieces of high density upholstery foam. The kind they use in sofas, easy chairs, etc. It's not cheap (but neither is back surgery!) although some companies may be willing to let smaller pieces go at very little cost. 

I use three 4'' thick pieces, each 16'' by 24'', and they work perfectly for me, but smaller, odd-sized ones probably would too.  

I also carry a 22'' by 24'' piece of heavy cardboard, scored and folded in the middle, to place on glass range tops under the foam. That's probably not necessary, but I've always been paranoid around expensive glass (probably comes from some unpleasant childhood experiences - you don't want to know! <grin>). 

This whole package carries nicely in an 18'' plastic milk crate, which also happens to be the perfect size to flip upside-down and stand on to do the work (without having to pay a helper!). 

You'll normally stack 2 or 3 pieces of foam, depending on the height of the microwave. Remove the large bolts that anchor the unit to the overhead cabinet, and carefully tip it down onto the foam (some units also have a safety latch you pull to unhook from the wall mounting plate). 

If you need to remove it completely, just unhook the back from the wall plate, and let it settle onto the foam. Makes it much easier to reinstall, too. Just rest it on the foam, tip it up and hook the back, and pivot the front up into place. Very nice, and no embarrassing grunting. 

If any of you guys have found other uses for this handy foam, please let me know. It lasts a long time, and has been a super tool for this job, but I know there must be other uses... 

2) If you've been getting the DRSNews very long, you know that every year about this time, I remind you to do something that will save you a bunch of money on refrigerator service. 

And it's that time again! 

If you want to avoid ever replacing your refrigerator door seals (or entire door assemblies on newer ones!), grab the Vaseline(tm) and click over to this article: 



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God bless you and yours,

Dave Harnish
Dave’s Repair Service
New Albany, PA

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