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The DRS News
August - September 2002

In this issue:

1)  14 uses for the Wet-Vac, the handyman’s 2nd best friend!
2)  Simple Lightning protection for your home while on vacation
3)  Didjaknow? Those Handy Microwave Magnets
4)  A really cool utility download: AI Roboform

1) One of the handiest tools around home & shop these days has to be the wet-vac. We have 3 of them, and use one every single day on the job and off. I thought it’d be interesting to list a few of the things they can do. Many thanks, BTW, for all your suggestions – I’ve picked up some neat new tips from you!

* My personal favorite: Defrost frosted refrigerators, using a small
pressure sprayer full of hot water and the vac (fastest method ever!)

* Unclog sink, tub, or dishwasher drains

* Clean lint from dryers

* Empty the water from ‘dead’ dishwashers

* Open clogged refrigerator defrost drains using a computer cleaning
(3/8” nozzle) attachment – a very handy nozzle for alot of things

* Pick up various messes little kids make in the middle of the night
(yech! – sit it outside overnight, then hose it out in the AM!)

* Empty water from washer hoses for service – replacing pumps, etc –
on some washers, you can just connect to the end of the drain hose

* Clean those looong dryer vents, using a 30 ft central vac hose

* Vacuum those hard-to-reach refrig. condenser coils, with the
vac running and a long condenser brush

* Pull heaters & wires through curved tubing or conduit, vacuuming a
small string through first (refrigerator Yoder loops, etc)

* Clean AC & Dehum. coils - spray with water or a coil-cleaning chemical first

* Retrieve cell phones from floor drains (better you than me, Shane!)

* Check various hoses for clogs (listen for the vac motor’s pitch change)

* Compact sleeping bags and bulky blankets in plastic bags for storage

* I guess you could use it to just vacuum or blow dirt, too!  

PS - One tip I’ve learned with my 'ShopVac' brand: it’s not necessary to change back and forth between that paper ‘bag’ and foam ‘wet’ filter. I just use 2 foam filters and pick up water or ‘dry’ with no problems.

I know there are probably a lot more, but I’ll leave it at that for now. If you don’t have a wet-vac, get one – you’ll be amazed! Oh, and if you plan on picking up much water, stay with the 5-6 gallon size. At 8 pounds per gallon, That’s heavy enough when full!

2) One of the kindest things you can do for anything electronic that plugs into an AC outlet is simply unplug it when you leave the house for an extended length of time, or even when a lightning storm gets ‘close’. Here at our place we’ve gotten into the habit of shutting down the computers and unplugging all the electronics when the thunder starts, and it has paid off.

We’ve been fortunate to have very little lightning-damaged electronics here even though we’ve had 2 direct hits - that we know of - to the house lightning rod ('been glad for that old-fashioned lightning rod!). Our entertainment center’s plugged into a power strip, allowing us to pull one plug to disconnect it all quickly.

3) From the ‘Did-ja-know’ Dept:
There are 2 very strong, round ceramic magnets in every microwave oven, inside the ‘magnetron’ - hence the name (been wanting to use the word ‘hence’ for a long time! <g>).

These are the handiest gadgets. We use them for attaching tarps to outside equipment, holding blankets over open refrigerators whole working on the doors, erasing cassette tapes fast, (usually intentionally!), hanging up wrenches, and a whole host of other jobs.

So before you ditch Aunt Emma’s old RadarRange, pull the magnetron out and salvage those magnets, they’ll come in handy – they hold alot of the kids’ school papers to the refrigerator!  Just keep them away from your computer and analog watch!

4) Cool Downloads Dept: Here’s a really NEAT utility for filling in online forms, and unlike some, this one includes no ‘spyware’ or ads! It’s called ‘AI Roboform’, and it’s available from: www.roboform.com  

I've used it for many years and have hundreds of ID's and passwords in it and can tell you this one’s a real timesaver!

Well, that’s it for this month. Thanks once again for subscribing; I’m really enjoying this and sincerely hope you are too! Remember to keep sending me your suggestions for topics you’d like to see addressed here. We’ve had some good ones again this month, and look forward to sharing them with you in future issues.

May The Lord richly bless you and yours,

Dave Harnish

Creation/Evolution, the Bottom Line:  Psalm 118:8  


"Nothing astonishes men so much as common sense and plain dealing" - Ralph Waldo Emerson

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