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Vintage Ampex 800 Series Reel to Reel Recorder
Operator's Manual





Here's a nice high-resolution scan of my original 24 page operator's manual for the great old Ampex 800 series Reel to Reel machines. (This is not a typical 3rd or 4th generation barely-readable copy, but a manual that's taken me hours to digitally scan and carefully 'clean', page by page)


Covers Models 850, 860, 865, and 890.


Sections Include:


Performance specifications

Location of controls and indicators

Threading and operation

How to set up your recorder

Ampex speaker systems

Playing mono and stereo tapes

How to record

Points to remember

Editing and splicing tapes

Maintenance procedures


Basic tape recorder knowledge

How magnetic tape works

Recording tapes

Original warranty, on back cover


This is in Adobe™ pdf format, and two really nice benefits are:


1) No shipping costs! - the file can be downloaded immediately - no waiting for the mailman!

2) You can easily 'zoom-in' to see details just not possible in another format, including print (It's easily to print a copy if you like, too!)


File is approx 8.5MB in size, easy to download directly to your computer. (It's a very easy and 'painless' process).

To buy this manual ($14.50) via Paypal, click:
(You don't need a Paypal account to pay with your credit card)

If you'd rather order by another method, live outside the US, or have any questions, please contact me


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