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The DRSNews
December 2010
Merry CHRISTmas* to All!

Published by subscription only, by Dave’s Repair Service
©2010 All Rights Reserved

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to any friends or associates who might find it useful.
Or just point them toward www.DavesRepair.com

A Special 'Hello' to new subscribers! What a great bunch of friends
I ‘meet’ every day with this project! Great to have you on board!

In this issue:

1) Beware some generic Whirlpool dryer idler pulleys
2) Don't buy a dryer heating element - until you're sure
3) Handy Lyme disease resources

The Best Web Host is also the Biggest, and located right here in PA!
I Love These Guys!

1) I've been selling and using the popular generic #4392065 repair
kits for Whirlpool-built dryers for years, but need to make you aware
of a problem that has developed with them in the last 2-3 years or so.

More and more folks are telling me they're buying these kits from
other sellers who don't realize there's a defect in their idler pulleys.

Turns out they use an idler with a mounting arm that's made about 5/16"
too short. That causes the idler to run too close to the motor, rubbing
on it and making a ton of noise and stressing the belt and drum support

I've been throwing those idlers away by the zillions and replacing them
with the correct length one from another company for a long time now,
and that works great. All the kits I sell have the correct idler enclosed.

Other than the idler issue, these are decent kits, but I've been trying to
get the manufacturer to correct that short idler for a couple of years
without success. [sigh]

2) Here's another quick heads-up if your dryer suddenly stops heating.
I sell a LOT of dryer elements, and more often than I'd like to see,
buyers are wasting time and money by assuming 'no heat' always means
a failed element.

Don't get me wrong, elements do fail - about HALF the time, in my
experience, but even though it's the first thing that comes to mind, there
are several causes for a 'no heat' dryer in addition to an element.

If your dryer's blowing only cool air, before you spend any $ on a new
element, be sure to read this article if you haven't already:
 No Heat Dryers

Even though I recommend keeping a spare dryer (and oven bake) element
on hand at your house, as we always have, I don't want you to buy any
parts you don't need.

3) Just in case you missed the Lyme resources I've been posting, here are
have helped me a lot:

www.LymeDoctor.com - Dr Singleton's book, 'The Lyme Disease Solution'
www.ILADS.org - Another excellent resource site
www.LymePA.org - From SE PA: Download free 'The Basics' pdf booklet

Insurance companies appear to be trying to keep it under wraps, but Lyme
is at epidemic levels across our nation.


That's going to do it for this issue. As always, if you have any topics you’d
like to see discussed here or covered in an online article, let me know and
I’ll do my best to cover them. And don't forget those testimonials (and/or
suggestions)! Many thanks to those of you who've already gotten in touch.
Much appreciated!

Thanks once again for inviting me into your inbox. I've said it many times
before, but it's certainly true: Your trust is my most valued asset, and I'll
never abuse it by sharing your email address or contact data with anyone.

* PS - They tell me it's not 'politically correct' to say 'Merry CHRISTmas', and
that I should be saying 'Happy Holidays', or something else 'less offensive'. 

My response is always the same: I certainly don't intend to offend anyone, but
I'm not a politician, I'm a CHRISTian, and every December I celebrate the
Birth that changed History (His Story), and my own life. (I certainly hope you
know Him, too; I'm living proof: if you ask Him to take over your life, you will
never be the same!)

Wishing the very best CHRISTmas ever to you and yours!

Dave Harnish
Dave’s Repair Service
New Albany, PA

Wise Men Still Seek Him
John 14:6


Copyright 2010, www.DavesRepair.com , All Rights Reserved
This information may be reprinted and distributed freely, but
only in its entirety, including this message.



"Nothing astonishes men so much as common sense and plain dealing" - Ralph Waldo Emerson

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