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The DRSNews
June 2010

Just like March, the month of May flew by so fast my head's still spinning,
and I didn't have a chance to get a newsletter out to you. Sorry!

Published by subscription only, by Dave's Repair Service
2010 All Rights Reserved

WELCOME to all of our new subscribers this month! I truly appreciate you! 
DRSNews Subscribers are THE BEST!

If you enjoy this issue, you're welcome to forward its link to any friends or
associates who might find it useful.
In this issue:

1) Correction From Last Issue's 'Who Made Your Sears Appliance?'
2) How to Build your Own Compressor Test Cord
3) Please Donate to Chilean Earthquake Relief
4) Just in: Maytag Recalling some 1.7 Million Dishwashers!

"I'm having an MRI to find out if I have claustrophobia"

1) I was never sure where I'd originally found the handy Kenmore model number chart
I included in the last issue. My copy came with no 'credit' or branding attached, but I
thought it was such a good idea I went ahead and posted it.

My thanks to Dan O, who actually originated it and has the latest version posted on his
helpful website, 'Appliance 411', at:

I subcontracted service to our local Sears many years ago and got to know some of these
source codes, but Dan's list is exhaustive and really useful. Check it out. Thanks again,
Dan, for putting it together!

2) We've talked about testing refrigeration compressors several times before, and one
of the articles on the subject that appeared here in the newsletter back in June 2006 is
posted on the DIY articles page

A lot of you guys have asked about building one of these simple and very handy little
test cords, including requests for a wiring schematic for one, so I thought I'd briefly
touch on that this issue.

I use my ratty old cord a lot, and it's overdue for a rebuild, at least cosmetically, but
here's what the box itself currently looks like:

One of these builds nicely into a standard steel electrical utility box ('handy-box'), as
you can see. I've carried this one for a couple of decades now, and it still works fine,
although it's due for a new set of cords. Most any plastic box would probably work
well, too, but these steel ones are nearly indestructible. It has to be, rattling around
in the back of my service van on our dirt roads! ;-)

The 'innards' are actually pretty simple. A fuse can be used for protection, but one of
these small breakers is really handy. You won't trip it very often, but when you need
it, you'll be glad there's one in the circuit.

Anyway, here's a sketch of the wiring details:

I use 16-3 SJ cord, which is rubber-sheathed, and holds up well, but most any 16 gauge
cord can be used. An old microwave oven cord serves well. The output leads have
alligator clips soldered onto them, making the setup very handy for quick tests on a lot
of 120V equipment, not just compressors. The ground wire on the load side is there for
safety's sake. Attach it to the chassis of whatever you're test running, to detour any
problems to ground rather than through your person (that could ruin your day).

I'll post this schematic on the website, as well, possibly in a larger, easier to see format.

Need Computer help - in plain English?
Check out The 'Newbie Club' !

Note: Our condolences and deepest sympathy go out to the family of Joe Robson, the founder of The Newbie Club, who recently passed away. Even though I never met Joe personally, I considered him my friend. He and his website were a tremendous help to me when I was getting started online, and the site continues to be a valued resource.

3) Our daughter Lindsay has been living in Chile for the last couple of years, and has fallen
in love with that country and its amazing people. Even though it's no longer mentioned in our
news here in the US, the devastation and homelessness there from the March earthquake is
still a very long way from getting back to normal. In fact, she's been here in Pennsylvania the
last few days for a quick visit, and says the aftershocks are continuing even now, with everyone
still on edge.

She previously lived in the town of Valparaiso on the hard-hit Pacific coast, before her apartment
was destroyed by the quake (she was back in PA for a one-week visit when it hit, by God's mercy),
and has been working with the newspaper in Santiago and several relief agencies there.

I've had quite a few folks ask what they could do to help, so I've hastily put up a simple webpage
to accept donations from anyone who would care to send a few dollars to the relief effort. No
donation is too small, and 100% of the funds she's collecting goes directly to helping the people
of Chile get their lives back to some semblance of normal. Whole towns that were located on the
coast near the epicenter no longer exist, and many families are still living outside, with no real
shelter - and it's winter time there now.

I hope to post more photos and details on the site in the near future; right now it's just a one-page
site to accept donations via Paypal. Thank you very much and God bless you for anything you can
do to help, at www.LindsayHarnish.com

4) This just in: Maytag is recalling approximately 1.7 million of their dishwashers, sold from Feb
2006 through April 2010. It's a recall you may want to take a look at, because they have a heating
element issue that's a fire hazard. Brands affected are Maytag, Jenn-Air, Amana, Admiral, Crosley,
Magic Chef, and Performa by Maytag. Full details here


Once again, thanks for inviting me into your inbox. I will never take that privilege lightly.

God bless you and yours,

Dave Harnish
Dave's Repair Service
New Albany, PA


Only two men have ever offered to die for you:
Jesus Christ, and the American Soldier. One
died for your soul, the other for your freedom.
John 3:16


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