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The DRSNews
April 2010

Happy Spring!

(Sorry there was no March issue this year - the month totally got away from me!)

Published by subscription only, by Dave's Repair Service
(c)2010 All Rights Reserved

WELCOME to all of our new subscribers this month! I truly appreciate you! 
DRSNews Subscribers are THE BEST!

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associates who might find it useful.
In this issue:

1) Who Made Your Sears Appliance? 
2) Vintage Refrigerators - They Really Look Cool, But...

"When the government fears the people, there is Liberty."
- Thomas Jefferson


1) When looking at a Kenmore appliance model number, the first 3 digits before the
decimal point indicate the actual manufacturer of the product (Sears doesn't manufacture
anything to my knowledge, but retails products from hundreds of different companies)

Here's a handy little chart posted over on my friend Dan O's website that'll tell you
who made your particular Sears appliance by checking those first 3 digits of its model

Kenmore Model Numbers

2) I get a lot of questions on using an old 'retro' refrigerator, along with other 40's-60's
appliances, when remodeling a kitchen. Before 'diving in', you'll want to be be aware of
some issues with these cool-looking vintage boxes that have become so popular of late:

* They're typically very small compared to what we're used to. A 10 cubic foot model
was considered *huge* back in the day. And don't let their outside dimensions fool you.
Their walls are usually twice as thick as modern ones, because modern urethane
insulation is so much more efficient than earlier types like fiberglass (some really old
ones even used cardboard!) Refrig walls are made much thinner today, providing much
more interior space in the same footprint.
* During the summer months, they need to be defrosted every 2-3 weeks, unless you
buy an early ('60 or so) frost-free one, which I don't recommend doing (too many issues,
especially with their insulation).
We set up housekeeping in 1972 with my Grandma's 'conventional' single-door (the
price was right for a pair of green kids <grin>), and every two weeks during the summer
we went through the normal hot water defrosting procedure.
* They don't have 'zero freezers', so aren't practical for storing ice cream. A small issue
for some, but it was a pretty big one for us. We like to eat our ice cream with a spoon -
not a straw. <g> Their freezer temps typically run around 12-15 degrees F, which is OK
for making ice and short term storage of most frozen foods, but not for frozen dairy products
like ice cream.
'Thought we'd 'arrived' when we got our frost-free in 1980 or so - and which we're still
using today as a backup in the garage (The 'Harvest Gold' color *really* got hard to look
at, but it still works great!). Which brings me to another issue, one we've covered before:
when buying a new refrig today, budget for another one in 5 years. It may 'live' 7 or 8
years (max), but plan on replacing it within that time so not you're caught by surprise.

- Update early 2022: We STILL use that 40+ yo old Gibson Harvest Gold frost-free
refrigerator in the garage every summer, and it runs great! That won't happen with a newer
one, guaranteed!


Once again, thanks for allowing me into your inbox. I never take that privilege lightly.

God bless you and yours,

Dave Harnish
Dave's Repair Service
New Albany, PA

Live your life in such a way that in the morning, when
your feet hit the floor, Satan says "Oh no, he's awake!"


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"Nothing astonishes men so much as common sense and plain dealing" - Ralph Waldo Emerson

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