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The Fastest Way to Defrost a Refrigerator

The best, fastest way I've ever found to defrost a refrigerator, especially a frost-free one with a failure in its defrost system, involves my favorite tool, the good old wet-vac (of course!) 

I use a one gallon pressure sprayer about half-filled with nearly boiling water, and mist the hot water onto the frosted coil while running the wet-vac to collect the water/melted frost at the bottom of the coil. 

I used to spend way too much time using various hot air methods for this job, but with this trick, you can usually be done with the job in under an hour. Try it - it works great! 

One word of caution: if you do this on a full time basis, I recommend you replace the pressure sprayer every year or two. Call me paranoid, but using hot water under pressure in these plastic bottles can't be good for them, and if one of them should burst and spray you with hot water, it could ruin your day! Oh, and it's probably best not to use the same sprayer for garden pesticides... (you have read my disclaimer, right? <grin>)

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