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Maytag Wringer Washers
How to Bypass the Wringer "Foot pedal" Rubber Bulb
(no longer available new) used on 'S' Models

Here's something I get asked about a lot, so I thought I'd post this for anyone who might run into the problem.

Maytag wringer washer models with an 'S' (for 'safety') in their model number (like N2LPS, E2LS, etc) originally used a pneumatic "foot pedal" that's as hard to find these days as an honest DC politician. Original part #A5626, here's what the bulb, tubing, and actuator kit looked like:

Maytag A5626 wringer bulb & actuator kit

The idea was, you had to step on that rubber squeeze bulb, connected to the machine via a rubber tube, to keep the wringer rollers rotating. If things went terribly wrong and you got any parts of your anatomy (ouch!) or the family cat, whatever, caught in the rollers, you could just lift your foot and the wringers would immediately stop turning (I always thought it'd be nice if they'd reverse and back your pinched 'parts' outta there ASAP, but they didn't!).

The problem these days is, the rubber bulbs are dried, cracked, and crumbling with age (sounds familiar, somehow!), leaking air and no longer allowing the wringer rollers to run. Many times you'll buy or 'inherit' one of these washers and there'll just be a piece of grey rubber tubing dangling from underneath, with the bulb long-gone, and the wringer rollers won't turn.

If you do find a replacement, the rubber will most likely be rotted and cracked beyond any hope of repair. I bought all of the new ones our distributors had left in stock and could find for me several years ago, and they're long-gone at this point.

But there's good news! This feature's very simple to bypass, making an 'S' model operate just like all the rest of the Maytag model wringers, so you don't have to keep stepping on that doggoned bulb all the time (it was a nuisance, anyway!)

To bypass the feature once and for all, just unscrew the plastic actuator portion from the washer leg and 'snugly' screw in a standard 1/2" bolt (13 threads/inch) in its place. You'll see it up in under the washer, screwed into the wringer leg. Here's one (and don't worry about oil leaking out around it; all the Maytags did):

Maytag  A5669 wringer actuator

Back in the day, we used one of these Maytag automatic washer feet, which also happen to have 1/2-13 threads, but any standard 1/2" bolt will do:

Vintage Maytag automatic washer foot, 1/2"-13

Hope that's of help to someone...


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