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Motor Brushes and Springs Set for
Sunbeam Mixmasters, Good/Used, Nice!

Used in All Sunbeam Stand Mixers Through the 1967 model 12, and some later 70's Stand Models
(Also fits the vintage Sunbeam A1 hedge trimmer)

Mixmaster carbon brushes & springs, good/used

(Yours may vary slightly from this photo, and will not include springs)
I also currently have brand new Mixmaster brushes, listed here


Here's a pair of used, nearly-new carbon motor brushes and springs for the great old Sunbeam Mixmaster mixers, up through the model 12 (1967), and that were also used in most (but not all) of the later 70's models. For 3/16" square brush holders, these were used in models: K, 1, 3, 5, 7, 9, 10, 11, and 12, and I believe in most of the other very early models, too, but I'm missing one or two of the very earliest mixer motors here to verify that.


Note: I'm getting really low on these, and have almost run out of the springs. Please email me before ordering if you need more than one pair. Your original springs can almost always be re-used with these brushes. 


These are very easy to replace in older (pre-'68) Mixmasters with the external Bakelite caps on each side of their motor. Just keep in mind that the motor's armature rotates horizontally, so these should be installed with their curve matching the commutator's curved horizontal surface (the brush's curve should be aligned the same way as the curved side of the mixer when sliding it into the brush holder). You can usually re-use the original springs with these.


Aftermarket brush springs are available for Mixmasters. Be careful, though;  some are tensioned too high and can cause faster brush wear than the originals. 


If you have any questions or need any other Mixmaster parts, please feel free to ask me. I still have over 100 vintage Mixmaster motors on hand here for parts. I probably have what you need, at least in motor parts. 


And don't miss the Sunbeam manuals posted here on the website. They're direct, high quality scans of the original factory manuals my Dad and I used for years! Just click on 'Sunbeam' on the left side of this page to have a look.

Quantities are getting really limited on these used brushes, and they're getting hard to find new (mainly because newer small appliances don't last long enough to wear their brushes out!). So if you need a set or want to keep spares on hand (a good idea), don't wait!

A set of these (good/used brushes only, no springs) sells for $8.50 $7.00 plus $8.00 Priority shipping and handling to US addresses, $15.00 total (plus 6% sales tax if you're in PA).

(You don't need a Paypal account to securely buy using your credit card) 

To email me a question specifically about this part, or if you're outside the US and need to ask about shipping, please click here (I ship these to Canada and Australia, but shipping is higher and takes a bit longer)




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