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Have you been told that it's not practical to repair major  appliances any more - they should just be replaced?

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I was a professional appliance service technician for 40 years, and
80% of my daily jobs were simple fixes that 

And I'm here to help!

I get a real kick out of sharing the trade secrets and insider tricks I've learned over the years - with YOU, the 'handy' homeowner!

Soon to be sold in e-book form, you can still get this first-hand information FREE, no strings attached, in my free newsletter, The DRSNews.

You just won't find this practical, hands-on information anywhere else! It's NOT the usual "is it plugged in?" or "is there power to the outlet?" kind of useless "troubleshooting" material that we all used to call common sense!

Here's my no-nonsense guarantee: if The DRSNews doesn't save you at least one service call on your appliances in the first year, just unsubscribe at any time - no hard feelings! (There's an unsubscribe link at the bottom of every issue) 

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"Dave, thank you so much for the DRSNews! My gas range had one burner that would go out when I set it on simmer. 'Been that way for ages, since it was installed. But no more, since I read your hints. My wife is happy now! Thanks again, and God bless." - Sidney D, Louisiana

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Feel free to browse around the site, and be sure to bookmark it.  It's simple and a bit, well, crude, I know, but I've been concentrating on making this information available rather than just pretty.

I'll regularly be adding more resources for you, including more Vintage Parts, helpful DIY Articles, more Vintage Manuals, and other useful information.

Thanks for stopping by! May God richly bless you and yours!     
-- Dave


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